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20 Week Pregnancy Update

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20 Week Pregnancy Update

Hi friends! It’s time for another pregnancy update as I am officially 20 weeks as of yesterday – half way through! Crazy. Time is going both quickly and slowly, if that makes sense. 🙂 Check out the previous posts first if you missed them:

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exercising when 20 weeks pregnant

20 Week Pregnancy Update

Baby Size: A banana!

Symptoms: Officially in the sweet spot – still more tired/slow than usual, but definitely feeling the most like my normal, non-pregnant self that I’ve felt since getting pregnant. Enjoying this time while it lasts! That said, I have been having some gastrointestinal issues… meh. Anyone else deal with that while pregnant? I’m going to ask our doctor about it today!

Currently Missing: Lying on my stomach, having a closet full of clothes that actually fit

Sleep: It’s been a bit better lately – slightly less restless. I’m looking forward to some good sleeping while at the beach on vacation next week hopefully – no dog or cat to wake us up! 🙂

Cravings and favorite foods: Still loving anything juicy, like smoothies and fruit – especially watermelon! I’m also really into coconut water lately now that it’s so hot out. Typical BBQ foods are also a win – loving burgers, fries, hot dogs, etc. Anything with ketchup. 🙂 I’m also still into sandwiches, although not quite as much as when I posted my last update. Here’s a yummy salmon salad sandwich I had earlier this week – made with canned salmon + mayo + dijon mustard + sauerkraut + artichoke hearts!

salmon salad sandwich pregnancy

Food aversions: Raw veggies and I are cool, but cooked veggies and I are still not great friends. I’m also still not super into anything too fancy/super sauced or spicy. But for the most part I’m getting back on the more normal eating bandwagon, which is a nice change from only wanting cereal for dinner every night! I still have to force myself to eat/have a hard time figuring out what I want on occasion, but it’s getting better.

Exercise: I’ve decided that pregnancy + running for me don’t really mix, especially in this heat and humidity. I’m still doing some jog/walks on occasion (maybe once a week) but for the most part I’m loving boot camps, yoga, swimming, and walking/hiking! Having a dog has been even bigger motivation to get out and hike pretty much every weekend – Matt and I have been doing a fun hike overlooking the Potomac pretty frequently because it’s close and convenient. So fun! Here’s a picture from the holiday on Tuesday – we were out there enjoying the day for a couple hours with Ashe!

pregnant hiking

I finally got back on the swimming bandwagon as well and it’s been feeling amazing. I’m excited to do a ton of swimming while at the beach on vacation!

I stopped doing power yoga since my last update and have been doing more low key yoga classes (regular vinyasa flow, but just lower level classes or those with instructors I know are more low key) – planning to switch to prenatal yoga sometime in the next month. But for now, the non crazy power yoga variety of yoga has been feeling really good, and I’m not really sore afterwards anymore so my body is liking it better, too. 🙂

I’m getting in some sort of movement or class pretty much every day of the week (some days are more low key/just walks with Ashe) – it keeps me feeling good physically and mentally so I’ll keep it up as long as it feels good!

Mood: Upbeat and positive! The past month has been good on the mood front – no mood swings or feeling super weepy like I was briefly earlier on. I think I’m starting to feel the baby move a tiny bit, too – mostly little fluttery feelings at night when I lie down to go to bed. It’s hard to tell if it’s definitely her or not, but I think so! It’s making it feel so much more exciting/real – I can’t wait until the movements are big enough for Matt to feel her move! For my mom readers, at what point were the baby’s movements big enough for you guys that your partner could feel them from the outside?

Maternity clothes: I finally bought myself a bunch of new maternity clothes – having approximately 3 dresses that fit was getting pretty old. I did some serious damage on thredUP (they had tons of my new fave Liz Lange for Target dresses in like new condition, as well as a bunch of other well known pregnancy brands like Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity) – and right after I ordered a big box thredUP actually reached out to me about doing a partnership post with them – so I got to order a few more things! I didn’t hate it. 😉 Stay tuned for more on what I got!

At the suggestion of a reader, I also bought some Target maternity workout tights that I’m loving – pretty much all my workout tights now are smushing my stomach, so it was time. I have 3 pairs right now (1 long tight pictured below + 1 crop + 1 capris) but I’m going to need to get more because of how often I work out! I just tried to order more online but of course they aren’t available anymore… arg. I really like how those have a low dip in the back so your lower back isn’t aggressively sweaty, either. Thanks for the tip Colleen!


Next up is buying some new workout shorts… about half of mine still fit, but with how often I wear them it’s time for some more options! I’m thinking I’ll just buy normal workout shorts but in a size up or two. I am probably going to need some new sports bras soon, too… the cleavage situation is getting a little intense and some of them are getting pretty tight.

Reading: Nothing pregnancy-related right now… enjoying some “for fun” books instead. 🙂

Buying: Nothing baby-related yet! In mid-August once we have our last visitor for awhile we are going to start transitioning our guest room into Matt’s office, though, and then his office into the nursery! So I’ll share pictures as we get that going.

Excited for: Our 20 week appointment later today! I hear the 20 week ultrasound is a really cool experience… it will be fun to see her for longer. 🙂 Hopefully everything is looking good!

Thank you for reading and sharing in this special time with me! My next update will be at 22 weeks. Until then!

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