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7 Reasons Why You Should Squats Often


7 Reasons Why You Should Squats Often

Pushups and squats are bodyweight exercises that don’t need anything else to start off. But still, most of us still feel like procrastinating.

But if you are bored of learning about the technique and from of various exercises and would like to know about a simple straight forward and risk free exercise, then choose squats.

Even if you perform squats twice a week, you will slowly start seeing its results. Your overall body looks good and your body language and posture become healthier.

Here are some more reasons that will convince you to do squats.

1. Squats Build Muscle
Though squats primarily target your butt, it is a workout that helps you grow muscle. Especially, your legs tend to look fit and toned. They also improve your strength.

2. Squats Burn Fat
This workout is intense and makes you burn your calories fast. Also, you can reach your weight loss targets faster if you include squats in your workout routine.

3. Squats Enhance Digestion
Performing squats regularly can help you get rid of waste from your body and normalise your bowel movements.

4. You Can Be Consistent
As squats don’t need any machinery or gadgets to perform, you can do them anywhere. This will make you stick to your workout consistently.

5. Squats Enhance Your Posture
As your lower body and core get involved while performing squats, your posture tends to get better if you squat regularly. When your muscles are strong, your posture tends to be stronger.

6. Hormones
Doing squats can help you boost testosterone and human growth hormones. These hormones are responsible for strength, muscle mass and weight loss.

7. How Often?
Never perform squats on two consecutive days. Perform them only thrice a week. Your leg muscles need 48 hours of rest to recover. That is why it is better to perform squats on alternate days.

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