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Hey guys! It’s back to the daily hustle over here after our fun week at the beach on vacation last week! This morning Chelsea and I met up for a fun workout via ClassPass (<- affiliate link for $ 40 off) – we went to Next Phase Studio in Arlington for their morning circuit workout. It was great to catch up with Chelsea and to get in some strength work after a week away!

next phase studio arlington

As for yesterday, I took the bump to a lunchtime yoga class (Edge Yoga, also via ClassPass) because I was working from home. I was tired so I dialed it down a lot and enjoyed the stretch and restorative poses!


Any recommendations for prenatal yoga classes in Arlington? I’m going to start looking into those soon!

As for food, Matt and I had puppy training class with Ashe last night at 7 so I threw together an easy meal for us to eat before leaving – shrimp stir fry!

shrimp stir fry

I threw peppers, zucchini, and frozen shrimp into a pan together with some soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, and a little sriracha. When the shrimp was fully cooked, I served it over a microwave quinoa/brown rice mix. Yummy and easy!

shrimp stir fry

Matt and I are getting used to our new routine with 2 dogs – ah! As I mentioned recently, we adopted my brother’s dog Freyja because he’s off to grad school this fall. It will be an adjustment and at times definitely feels like we were probably insane to get two dogs before having a baby, but hopefully we can get into a good routine with them! Freyja is easier in some ways (she’s 5 years old so not as hyper as Ashe and doesn’t need as much exercise, fully house trained, friendly with new people and great with kids, walks confidently on a leash, doesn’t need to be crated), but harder in some ways, too (she doesn’t have great recall/doesn’t listen super well like Ashe does, she’s OBSESSED with our poor cat Zara and keeps trying to chase her, she barks whenever anything is happening outside, etc.). So – some of her good habits are rubbing off on Ashe, like not being super anxious while out walking, but some of the barking and Zara obsession is rubbing off on Ashe, too. We might do some training classes with Freyja like we did with Ashe to try to work on her listening/recall – Ashe is AWESOME off leash and won’t run from us and listens really well, but Freyja is not. We’ll see!

Anyway – I will leave you with this adorable photo of Freyja rocking her Halloween costume (my brother brought over all her stuff yesterday for us). We put it on her so she was wearing it when Matt got home from work – too funny! 🙂 We will have to get Ashe a matching one!

dog in a hot dog costume

Have a great day guys – and feel free to share dog tips as well as Arlington prenatal workout class tips!

Do you have any pets?

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