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“Effective Ways To Lose Weight” In Seconds: Air Squats


“Effective Ways To Lose Weight” In Seconds: Air Squats

“Effective Ways To Lose Weight” in Seconds!

Effective ways to lose weight that will have you burning some extra calories without wasting much time at all is by adding a little more activity into your day. Try doing some Air Squats.

That sounds funny but I know a lot of people just don’t have the time to add a rigorous training program nto their already busy lives. So here’s an exercise that packs a punch and is one of the very effective ways to lose weight. You get a lot of return for your effort here, so that’s why I’m showing you this.

Air Squats: They actually work the gluts so they will help firm and tone that area. First, you want to stand with your Effective Ways To Lose Weight-Air Squatsfeet about as wide as your shoulders. Then you want to make sure to push your hips back, Bend your knees, trying to keep your hips, knees, and feet all in a line. Go all the way down, and then come back up. Try keeping most of your weight on your heels rather than your toes. Be careful with this if you have knee problems.

Just add a couple of these into your day, and you will be getting closer to a more active lifestyle. These are relatively easy and you can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. The point is to start sneaking in some more exercise, without disrupting your day. I bet that you can find just a few seconds throughout your day where you can add this into your daily activity. Make it a routine, try adding some just before lunch or just before dinner. Seriously it takes less than 2 minutes and is truly one of the effective ways to lose weight. You will soon see.

So try adding just a few of these into your day, especially when you’re short on time, and see how your body responds to these effortlessly effective ways to lose weight!
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Dr. Dan Giuglianotti
Physician & Certified Health Fitness Specialist
American College of Sports Medicine

Important information:
This is for informational purposes only. It is not medical advice. This, and any other communication, does not create a doctor-patient relationship. If you are having any medical problem, consult your primary care physician in person immediately. Always consult your primary care physician before starting any diet or exercise program.



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    SQUATS are THE BOMB!  Started doing a 2 miles walk incorporating squats on the second mile. Tomorrow will be end of the 7th week I've been at this and I think I've lost about 17 or 18 pounds. I do squats every day and am now at 200 squats every other day and 100 on the alternate days. Squats are excellent for heavy people to get started as they work those big muscles in the legs. BE SURE TO KEEP THE KNEES OUT directly over the feet so you don't hurt your knees. No need to walk fast either, just walk like you're going someplace to warm up the body. Then on the second mile, stop on some flat surface and do 25 or as many squats as you can up to 100. You'll increase the number over time.

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