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Kettlercise 12 Week Body Transformation Weight Loss Challenge Results before and after


Kettlercise 12 Week Body Transformation Weight Loss Challenge Results before and after

Kettlercise 12 Week Body Transformation Weight Loss Challenge Before and After Results

Here we bring you Wendy Davis a very inspirational woman who has battled many demons to be where she is today. Wendy completed the Kettlercise 12 week body transformation challenge and was the overall winner of phase 1 which led her to a place in the final round.

Wendy lost a total of 14LB’s and 21 Inches. Starting the challenge Wendy was 159 LBs and dropped to an amazing 145 LBs.

Kettlercise The ONLY All Over Body Workout That gets Results – GUARANTEED.

Kettlercise is THE single most effective Kettlebell fat burning exercise class, designed to re shape and sculpt your body like never before. It’s fun, super quick and super effective.

37 blood pumping Kettlebell exercises in a set class routine that works every major and minor muscle group, it’s the only exercise class that gives you a complete body workout. Kettlercise® IS a stimulating, invigorating, safe and easy-to-follow, calorie blitzing, fat blasting program and women everywhere are loving the lightening quick RESULTS!


Did you know? Home workouts can be just as effective for fat loss as going to the gym.

If you’re struggling to get in to the gym, Alexia Clark’s Home Kettlebell Circuit for Fat Loss is just what you need to keep in shape while staying at home.

Consisting of four exercises:

– Squat, Curl and Press
– Kettlebell Swings
– Push Ups
– Kettlebell Deadlifts to Rows

Alexia Clark’s Home Kettlebell Fat Loss Circuit is great for anyone trying to build strength and cut unwanted fat.

In terms of weight, Alexia Clark recommends 20lbs Kettlebells. But feel free to use whatever gives you the best form with most amount of challenge.

Exercise #1: The Kettlebell Squat, Curl and Press

In this circuit you want to start with 12 reps of this exercise.

You can see Alexia perform the full exercise in the video, it is essentially going deep into a squat, curling the kettlebell, standing back up and then shoulder pressing the weight.

This is a great full body kettlebell exercises and effective for both muscle building and fat loss.

Exercise #2: Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebells are great for your upper body and core strength. It improves overall stability and gives your body a challenging workout that helps burn those extra calories.

See Alexia’s section on Kettlebell swings to see how to get the most out of this exercise.

For the best results in this circuit, Alexia suggests 20 reps, that’s 10 reps with each hand.

Exercise #3: Push Ups

A cornerstone in body weight exercises, push ups are great for building up both a sweat and strength.

If you can’t perform the standard push up, you can balance your weight between your hands and your knees instead. This will help get you ready for the real thing later on.

This is the third exercise in this Home Kettlebell Fat Loss Circuit, and Alexia recommends you do 12 reps for the best results.

Exercise #4: Kettlebell Row to Deadlift

A Kettlebell exercises that does more for your legs and back. Kettlebell row to deadlift is a demanding exercise. It uses some of the largest muscles in the body which leads to more calories being burned, and a more toned figure.

You can see Alexia run through the specifics in the video, and it’s important that your shoulders are pulled back and together to get the most out of this workout.

Summing Up

Overall this is a reliable and effective Kettlebell routine. We advise running through it a few times for a real challenge that will put your body through its paces.

Want to know more about fat loss?

If you’re currently going through a fat loss stage, or a cut, we can help.

We offer a whole resource of fat burning methods and tips over on our website:
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1 Comment

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