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One Pot Tomato Rice Soup

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One Pot Tomato Rice Soup

Soup weather is here! and one of the things I love to do every week is to make a big pot of healthy soup. For my family I was making either the Russian style borsh or a Hearty chicken noodle soup. Sometimes we all enjoy the 7-minute French onion soup cooked in a pressure cooker. This is until my 10 y.o. came home from her play-date and said: “I had the best Tomato soup ever!”


I didn’t pay much attention because I thought what was so special about tomato soup?. It gives me heartburn sometimes anyways. But my girl kept telling me that she was sick of my soups and wanted me to make a tomato soup that she had at her friends house. 

I got the recipe from my friend. It is very simple and quick to make – under an hour. It is in fact delicious and each spoonful of this Polish country-style soup delivers the warming taste of tomatoes and luxurious texture. 

Tomato Rice soup recipe



2-3 Large carrots diced or chopped

3-4 celery stalks diced or chopped

1 large onion finely chopped

Chicken stock (if use water add 2 cubes of chicken bouillon) approx 6 quarts

1 can Tomato paste

Canned or fresh tomatoes

1 and half cups of rice

Salt and pepper to taste

Optional: All Spice

Optional: Cooked chicken

Optional: 2 TBS cream

Parsley or dill to garnish



       You make a base like for a chicken soup. I cook chicken breast (or drumsticks) carrots, celery, parsnip, onion, bay leaf, salt, pepper, chicken stock. I cook chicken in water (adding 2 cubes of bouillon) until it’s tender. Take it out and shred it. Then add rice and let cook on low boil for 20 minutes. Depending on how thick you want the soup, but remember the rice swells and absorbs liquid so it will make the soup thick. Don’t add too much. Some people add noodles instead of rice.

       In the end when rice is ready add tomato paste. I use the whole can for a standard size soup pot (approx 6 quarts). Optional – add the can of diced tomatoes. After few minutes I add 2-3 spoons of cream. The cream breaks the sourness of tomato paste and makes the soup more smooth. In the end you can use dill or parsley, whichever you prefer to garnish the top. I use dill.

Note: You can cook rice separately, but I find that if cooked in a soup pot together with vegetables it adds a nice texture and taste.


Tomato rice soup is very simple to make and quick. And now my kid is happy and raves about it too. I’ve made tomato rice soup already 4 times and it has been a big hit in my family.

Have you tried rice in your soup? I hope you give this recipe a try and let me know what you think? Enjoy!

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