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Pregnancy-related Sciatica advice?

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Pregnancy-related Sciatica advice?

Hi guys! Looking for some advice from you today. It appears that now at 26 weeks pregnant (full pregnancy update coming later this week), I’ve officially started to make my way out of the “magical” 2nd trimester phase where you mostly feel like yourself just a bit slower/more tired. A couple weeks ago I started having some pain (both a constant dull ache as well as occasional sharp pain) in my left hip/glute/lower back. I’m guessing it may be sciatica, which I know is common in pregnancy (but certainly not exclusive to pregnancy). It seems to get worse when I sit for too long – the first time I noticed the pain was when I was at an all-day workshop a few weeks ago where we sat for 7 hours for two days in a row. (Makes me so glad I have standing desk options both at home and at my co-working space!)

It’s also worse in the morning (sleeping, especially on my right side, really seems to irritate it – maybe it’s time to give the snoogle another shot…) and then in the evening if I’ve done a TON of walking throughout the day, which is normal on days I work downtown. Workouts in general don’t seem to make it worse, though – they often help loosen it up – and swimming definitely helps, so I’m headed to the pool today for a lunch break swim.

I’ve been trying to stretch more in general (although the below picture is what usually ends up happening when I try to stretch on the ground at home – ha!), but I’d love any thoughts you guys have as to specific stretches that might help, or other ideas (accupuncture? chiropractors?) that might be useful here. It’s manageable for now, but I’ve still got quite aways to go and I’m sure it will continue to get worse if I don’t do anything!

trying to stretch with a puppy

Thanks in advance for your help!

I’ll leave you with a photo of yesterday’s lunch (from Glen’s Garden Market in Dupont) – aren’t mix and match plates the best? I love all the different flavors and tastes! Those juicy summer tomatoes in particular were absolutely incredible – nothing like in-season tomatoes. I forget how good they can be!

glens garden market dupont

Time to hop on the phone with a couple AnneTheRD nutrition clients. Until tomorrow, my friends!

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