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Spring has Sprung!

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Spring has Sprung!

You guys – DC is so gorgeous right now. The flowers! The sunrises! The weather! It’s glorious.

sunrise view of DC from arlington

We all know the signature crushing DC summer heat and humidity will arrive quickly, so we’re soaking up spring while we can.

On Tuesday, my friend Sokphal and I dragged ourselves out of bed for a morning run date. The resulting sunrise tulip view was well worth the alarm – isn’t this gorgeous? The first picture below is the view of DC from near Iwo Jima in Rosslyn, Arlington, and the second is of all the tulips right before Memorial Bridge (on the Virginia side), which takes you over to DC.

rosslyn tulips

memorial bridge tulips

Neither of us are training for anything in particular right now so we kept the pace casual, stopped for photos and some walking breaks, and just enjoyed the weather and each other’s company. We hadn’t met up for a run in awhile so it was fun to catch up!


memorial bridge sunrise

My first outdoor adventure of the week, though, was a kayaking date on Monday afternoon with my friend Lisa, who owns District Line Co. (that really fun local t-shirt company I wrote about a couple months ago – see #3 in this Friday Faves post).


It was really warm (but not yet too hot) out on Monday, and I saw that it was the first day of business for 2017 for the Key Bridge Boathouse. I was working from home and originally planning on taking a lunchtime yoga class, but when I saw the weather and the boathouse email, I changed my mind. Why not go kayaking instead? I’ve been working on giving myself permission to enjoy my flexible work schedule more often – normally I stick to pretty regular work hours (when I’m not traveling, anyway), which makes sense for the most part since I might as well work when others are, and it helps to keep me organized and on track. But one of the big reasons I wanted to work for myself was so I could have some flexibility if I wanted it! So, I made up my mind to take a kayaking break; I had a nice chunk of time in the early afternoon with no AnnetheRD client calls, so it would be perfect!

I was going to just go by myself but I figured I’d see if Lisa was up for the adventure, since she lives nearby and also works from home. Lucky for me, she was also on board! Kayaking is such a fun friend date. 🙂

kayaking in dc

It was so peaceful out there. Lisa had actually never been kayaking in DC before so I was happy to introduce her to it! 🙂

kayaking in dc

We spent about an hour or so out on the water, and it was such a fun treat, especially on a weekday. Thanks for joining me on the adventure, Lisa!

I’m working downtown today – back to business – so I’d better get back to it. 🙂 Have a great day guys!

What’s your favorite way to take advantage of nice weather?

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