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Step Up Your Dorm Style

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Step Up Your Dorm Style

The school year is coming in hot and its time to get ready to move back to college! Whether you are moving into a dorm, new apartment, or are just trying to step up your room style, these are tips and tricks perfect for the new school year. These designs and cool add-ons will turn your place into everyones "room goalzz". Here are some ways to step up your dorm style.

Poster Power

Instagram post by Urban Outfitters

You can decorate any plain color wall or blank space with some abstract posters and cool photos. Posters are a great way to create an aesthetic look. These posters from Urban Outfitters are a great add-on to spice up any walls.

ALL Pillows Welcomed  

Instagram post by jAYNE

My bed is definitely my sanctuary. The more pillows, the better. I love to decorate my bed with fun colored pillows that add lots of color to the room. Floor pillows are also a great way to create more space when guests come over. Correlating pillows can tie together a whole room scheme. 

Desk Top

Instagram post by west elm

While in school, a desk will be the place you work at the most. It is important to keep this space clean, organized, and eye pleasing! You can decorate you’re desk with a small mirror, mason jars for organization, books, and fresh flowers. These little decorations will keep you focused on your work!

Lighting Makes It All

Instagram post by Roomporn

One thing I do to my dorm, which is by far my favorite, is buy sets of string light. I wrap them around to cover my whole room and It creates such a cozy vibe. 


Instagram post by Neat Method ®

Organization for closets is super important in order to fit all of your cool accessories. Bins and hanging bins are great ways to store clothes. Accessory pack hangers are also great to keep jewelry in. 

Room Goalzz

Adding small changes to a room can make all the difference. Cool posters, lights, pillows, and more can turn your dorm into total "room goalzz".

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