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Vigorous Exercises To Lose Weight For Women


Vigorous Exercises To Lose Weight For Women

Vigorous Exercises To Lose Weight For Women
00:00:13 Brisk Or Power Walking
00:00:58 Jogging Running
00:01:37 Swimming
00:02:16 Jumping Jacks
00:02:55 Skipping
00:03:34 Rotating Squats
00:04:19 Quick Feet
00:04:58 Mountain Climbers
00:05:37 Jump Push Ups
00:06:22 Jumping Lunges
00:06:55 Pendulum
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Hey everybody Scott Yonehiro here and like I promised you, I’m going to show you my top 3 compound body movements, full body exercises to help you shed fat, torch away that unwanted toxic water in your body and help you build lean muscle.

The first one we are going to show you right now is going to be the push-press, Which is an awesome exercise. It combines the squat with a military press for the shoulders at the same time.

Now I’m going to have Marcia here show you how it’s done. OK notice how Marcia is coming down deep into the glutes affecting her glutes, affecting her quads and hamstrings and pushing her heels into the ground with a tight core. Pressing from the shoulders activating the top of the body, chest, shoulders, delts, triceps and really getting that full body exercise in. Let’s do two more of those: One, and two.

And that’s the push press, now Marcia is going to go over without any rest into the second exercise, which is going to be a plank combination with mountain climbers.

Now when utilizing the plank you want to be able to make sure that you maximize the most that you can out of the exercise by sucking in your abdominals by bringing the bellybutton in close to the spine and holding it there but remember to breathe freely through the lungs.

OK let’s go ahead and hold it there for a ten second count. And then you are going to do 10 mountain climbers so let’s go with the mountain climbers. 1…2…3…4…5 good! 6…7…8…9…and 10. Now hold that plank again. We’re going to hold it for a 10 second count sucking in the stomach creating that vacuum tight enough that you reach that inner abdominal layer.

Holding it and then another 10 mountain climbers. Let’s go, 1…2…and while you’re doing this you want to squeeze your abdominals, get it really tight in there but breathe freely through the lungs. You never want to stop breathing nice and deep with this exercise.

Awesome! And you can do this for about 2 or 3 repetitions that way and then bring it back on up.

Now the 3rd exercise that I would put together in this series would be the good old heave hoe’s. You’re going to want to take a weighted medicine ball or a plate. A 25 pound plate or so depending on your strength and your experience with working out and we are going to do a heave hoe starting with a wide stance from the hip all the way straight up.

Now the important thing about this is you are going to want to take it out and up like Marcia is doing right over here. Which is causing her core to light up on her lower back, her oblique’s, her abdominals, and she’s pulling the ball up.

Even though she’s using her arms and her chest and her shoulders, all the power is coming from her core. And it’s pushing that ball and pulling it straight up.
And that’s going to affect a total body movement by putting all three of these exercises together.

OK so we have 3 exercises, that’s beautiful Marcia, awesome!
Good going!

And if we have to come down to 3 exercises for a quick workout to affect the whole body and once again to torch fat, get rid of unwanted water weight from your system and build lean muscle those would be the three.

One would be the push press, second would be the mountain climber with plank, third would be the heave hoe’s

Thanks for watching our video.

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